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Question: What flavors do you offer?
Answer: We have twenty-two flavors. Click here to see our Flavors Page.
Question: Are the machines easy to use?
Answer: Yes. We will mix the first batch for you upon delivery or leave you with the easy-to-follow instructions. The machines make their own freeze and no ice is required, only electrical power. Your guests may serve themselves and you can enjoy the party by letting the machine do all the work.
Question: How many drinks does one batch yield?
Answer: One batch of margaritas yields seventy-five 8 oz. drinks (4.5 gallons), while the strawberry and daiquiri flavors yield about fifty-five 8 oz. drinks. Our experience shows that approximately half of your guests will drink the frozen drinks, while the others will choose beer, liquor or other available drinks. Assuming that you are offering other alcoholic beverages, we suggest one batch for every twenty to thirty guests. Extra batches are $25 and are refundable if returned unopened.
Question: How long until the machine is ready to serve?
Answer: It takes approximately thirty to forty-five minutes, depending upon the temperature of the surrounding environment. Once the machine completes the first freeze cycle, it will operate non-stop for as long as it is needed. There is no waiting between batches because you add to the reservoir when the mix-low light turns on.
Question: Do the mix concentrates contain alcohol?
Answer: No, the mixes do not contain alcohol. You provide the liquor. For margaritas, a medium- strength drink calls for two-three liters of tequila per batch. Mixes that require rum use two liters per batch. The Margarita Man does not promote the consumption of alcohol and we always recommend the use of a designated driver.
Question: Do you have to use liquor?
Answer: No. All our mixes are real fruit concentrates and are great for non-alcoholic slushies at business functions or kids’ parties. For variety, the mixes can be made without liquor and guests may add their preferred alcohol for special individual drinks.
Question: How far in advance should I book my machine?
Answer: We recommend four weeks for a Saturday night rental from June through September.
Question: My party will have approximately one hundred guests, or possibly more. Will one machine be enough?
Answer: One machine is usually sufficient for parties up to seventy guests. For more than seventy people, we strongly suggest a second machine. Extreme heat might call for extra freezing power for smaller parties, but not often. Ask The Margarita Man for suggestions on your particular party.
Question: How big are the machines and what are the power requirements?
Answer: The machines are about the size of a large microwave and come on a wheeled cart. They require a standard 120V outlet. Since they draw about the same amps as a refrigerator or freezer, they must be plugged into a circuit that does not already have a large appliance. 99.9% of any machine problems that arise are caused by the machine sharing a circuit with an inflatable jumper, a disc jockey set-up, a freezer or refrigerator, etc. It is critical that these precautions are followed in order to ensure the safe operation and usage of the machine.
Question: Do I have to clean the machine before you come to pick it up?
Answer: No. There are no cleaning responsibilities or charges for you. Just turn the machine off when your party is finished and we will remove it from the premises.

Helpful Hints:

  • If you have not rented a machine before, you may be surprised to learn that 50-70% of your guests will choose the frozen drinks over beer and wine. This means you can probably serve less beer and wine.
  • The machines should be kept in the shade during daytime operation.
  • Use a dedicated 110V, 20-amp circuit for each machine. If you are not sure about your circuit, please give us a call.
  • Using a cold mix will ensure better output. During hot weather, add a 1/2 small bag of ice to the mixing bucket before adding the water.
  • Heavy gauge extension cords (12-gauge) are provided with each rental. Please do not use any other cords. Extension cords provided are typically twenty-five feet and should not exceed fifty feet total length.
  • Upon making your reservation, please tell us if we will encounter any steps or stairways during delivery. If so, there must be one or more fit males available to help the delivery person or an extra charge will be assessed.
  • Unauthorized transportation of machine(s) will result in a $500 fine. Please do not attempt to relocate, lift or otherwise move machines.